Sacramento Leadership Fellowship

When you apply to Drexel University Sacramento, you are automatically considered for the merit-based Sacramento Leadership Fellowship, which offers varying amounts of financing - up to full tuition for exceptional candidates.

Drexel will award this fellowship based on your academic credentials, including the quality of your undergraduate record and professional experience. This fellowship does not assign duties, so you may concentrate on studies. You must maintain high academic performance to renew your award.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The Office of Admissions reviews cumulative grade point average and possibly standardized test scores, depending upon the academic program.
  • GMAT scores must be submitted for the MBA program and GRE scores may be requested for the other graduate programs.
  • Domestic and international students are eligible.
  • International students must have a minimum TOEFL of 580 (paper test) or 237 (computerized test), depending on the academic program.
  • Students may be part-time students at the master's level.
  • Students enrolled in entirely online programs are not eligible.
  • Students may not receive any other form of assistantship or fellowship from Drexel University while holding a Sacramento Leadership Fellowship; however, they are still eligible for need-based financial aid.
  • Students must maintain part-time status with at least six credits per term.
  • Students are no longer eligible for the fellowship if their cumulative GPA drops below the required 3.0.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sacramento Leadership Fellowship?

On May 21, 2008, when Drexel University announced that it would open Drexel University Sacramento in California, it also announced that it would offer tuition support for academically qualified students.

Why is Drexel offering them?

Drexel University Sacramento is the first campus Drexel has opened outside of the Philadelphia area in its 118-year history. When the University’s trustees approved it, they made it clear that the graduate center in Sacramento had to equal or exceed the Philadelphia campus in terms of quality — quality of facilities, quality of educational programming, and quality of students. We also quickly determined that the Sacramento region was facing a significant leadership succession problem, with “Baby Boomers” currently occupying the leadership positions in upper- and middle-management, most just a few years away from retirement. For that reason, we decided to concentrate on educating the next generation of leaders. The Sacramento Leadership Fellowships were designed to attract that high level of quality for the programs we will be offering at Drexel University Sacramento.

How will these fellowships be awarded?

The amount of the Leadership Fellowship will be established at the time of a student's acceptance into the program and will apply thereafter to all graduate credits taken by the recipient in the degree program for which it has been awarded.

Who is eligible for a Sacramento Leadership Fellowship?

Every student who is admitted to Drexel University Sacramento is automatically considered for a Leadership Fellowship. No further application is necessary.

What is considered in awarding Leadership Fellowships?

Leadership Fellowships are awarded solely on the basis of academic merit. The review will include the accepted student’s undergraduate grade point average, graduate grade point average and degrees (if applicable), and the results of any entry tests that are required (GMAT, GRE).

Can a Sacramento Leadership Fellowship be combined with matching funds from an employer?

Yes, Drexel hopes employers will also value the graduate degree program being pursued by the employee, and will strive to support the leadership fellow with tuition assistance.

What Drexel academic programs are covered by this scholarship?

The Sacramento Leadership Fellowship is only available for part-time graduate programs offered at Drexel University Sacramento. They will be applied as long as the student is taking at least 6 credits per term in the graduate program and maintaining a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

Can students receiving Sacramento Leadership Fellowships also receive other fellowships or scholarships from Drexel?

Sacramento Leadership Fellowship recipients who also work in public service will be awarded an additional 5% tuition grant, provided that the value of the total amount of fellowships from Drexel does not exceed half of the tuition. Drexel has also agreed to offer special leadership grants for award by several area Chambers of Commerce which may be combined, by their terms, with Sacramento Leadership Fellowships (please consult those program descriptions). With these few exceptions that are explicitly mentioned in the descriptions for those programs, the Sacramento Leadership Fellowship cannot be combined with any other grant, fellowship, or scholarship available from Drexel University.

What happens if a student with a Leadership Fellowship is laid off?

Any student entering in the fall of 2009 or later will be eligible for a Bridge to the Future Grant if laid off from full-time employment. When awarded, the Bridge Grant will provide half-tuition support and would replace any and all other fellowships or grants offered by Drexel. Once the student is re-employed, the Leadership Fellowship will be reinstated as the Bridge Grant ends. Please consult the Bridge to the Future Grant program description for additional information.

Must eligible students also apply for loans or other financial aid?

No, but all Sacramento Leadership Fellowship recipients are encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Drexel will work with each applicant to help determine eligibility for other need-based aid programs.

What does a Sacramento Leadership Fellowship cover?

A Leadership Fellowship is an academic tuition award for programs offered through Drexel University Sacramento, and cannot be applied to fees, books, or other educational expenses.