Everywhere you look at Drexel University you see and feel signs of growth and momentum. In recent years, Drexel has opened the nation’s largest private medical school, launched the first new law school in Philadelphia in more than 30 years, and dramatically increased enrollment and endowment.

Dr. Ravi Dasu, PhD

Program: Interdepartmental Medical Science

Ravi Dasu

Dr. Dasu joined the inaugural IMS Program in Fall 2010 as an Adjunct Faculty, specializing in the areas of Medical Biochemistry and Immunology.

Dr. Dasu has taught and trained students in Biochemistry and Immunology at various levels, and has extensive research experience in the biomedical field working on metabolic diseases and injury. He received his PhD in Biochemistry from India, and his MSc in Life Sciences from University of Hyderabad and BSc in Biology from Nagarjuna University, India.